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Our address is:
Bruce Peru
Independencia 325
(a half block from the main square in the center of town)
Our land line telephone numbers are: 204853 & 232664
They are usually manned (or womaned) between 8AM and 8PM week days

Getting from Lima to Bruce Peru (Plane):

Getting from Lima to Bruce Peru (Hotel/Bus):
How to get from the airport in Lima to Bruce Peru in Trujillo When you arrive at the airport in Lima (almost always late at night) you take a taxi to Hotel Casa De Las Sanchez - in the safest part of Lima (if you like Hotel Sanchez will pick you up - cost $15 - (and here is another Taxi option which is cheaper and just as reliable and you can reserve them direct via E-mail: - the reliable driver's name is Arturo Galvez Caldas, his phone number is 51-1-98439960 - the price for picking you up at the airport and taking you to your hotel is S/25 = $7.25).

You spend the night at Hotel Casa De Las Sanchez (we have an arrangement with them whereby they help our volunteers with anything reasonable you need, and give a discount - it costs $20 for the night - $30 for double occupancy). You can make a reservation via e-mail (be certain to mention you are a Bruce Peru volunteer, to get the discount, otherwise it will cost $35 for single occupancy). (Hotel Sanchez address is below).

At the same time you make your Email reservation at Hotel Sanchez it is recommended you reserve a place on the bus to Trujillo for the next day (or later if you plan to visit Lima for any time). The bus leaves Lima at 1:00 PM and arrives in Trujillo at 9:00 PM (it is very punctual), the price is +/- S/60 Soles (about $18). You can make your reservation through the staff at Sanchez Hotel. The next day at noon you take a taxi to the ITTSA bus terminal where you pay for the ticket and come to Trujillo. The ITTSA terminal in Lima is about 20 minutes by taxi from Hotel Sanchez, who will give directions to your taxi.

Note -" ITTSA" and a bus company called "La Linea" (which is a little more expensive) are the only bus companys serving Trujillo which arrive on time - the other 15 or so are always late, often by as much at 3 hours. We will meet you at the terminal only if you come via ITTSA or Linea - if you take any other bus you will need to get a taxi from their terminal to "325 Independencia" (right in the center of town, no more than a S/2 or S/2.50 taxi ride) knock on the door or ring the bell when you get here - someone will be expecting you.

Important - we ask you to call our cell phone in the morning to confirm that you are in Peru, and what hour we should meet you at the ITTSA terminal in Trujillo. Phone: (044) 9924445.

Hotel Sanchez
Av. Diagonal 354
Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Tel: (from outside Peru: 51-1) 446-4944

But if Hotel Sanchez seems expensive to you
here are some hostals, also in safe areas CLICK