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Macchu Picchu
Cusco by night

Exciting places to see
Peru is three countries in one: a tropical rain forest in the north east, the high Andees running right through the center and the coastal deluvial plain on the west.

And two histories: the Inca and earlier cultures with many archiological sites to enlighten today's visitor; and colonial Peru from when it was the heart of Span's the Americas.

Trujillo, where our campus is located, is perhaps the best preserved Spanish colonial city here. In Peru every city, town and region celebrates several fiestas each year - always something colorful and fun going on somewhere in Peru.

Most of our volunteers come with a plan to work for awhile then go travelling. Those who join the Explorers club are given access to things closed to tourists and discounts at many hostals etc.Others take off a few days here and there to tour, using our campus as a center, working while here.

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