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Language Academy, with all native speaking professors. Wherever there is a Bruce Peru center, there is also a branch of Majon We are the only language academy in Latin America (as far as we know) whose faculty is made up entirely of native speakers. We offer courses in English and French -

Beginner - intermediate - advanced

Monday - Thursday, 7-8, 8-9PM, & very affordable
Majon is part of an international charity, and, while our students seem to learn English and French faster than competetive institutions using non-native speaking professors, we can only give certificates of completion and competence. All payments by our students are in fact contributions toward the work we do in the daytime for street children and abandoned mothers.

Trujillo Academy
typical class
Cajamarca Academy
University forum
conversation class
  If you would like to get involved by sponsoring one of our children with a donation for school fees, -uniform and -material,
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