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The Peruvian education system
is severly underfunded meaning that teachers are poorly paid and under trained. This means that teaching doesn’t attract the quality of employees that it deserves and that those it does are undermotivated. Another serious problem is that class sizes are too large with number of students reaching and sometimes passing the 50 mark.
This is anti-pedagogic and Arriba.Ya would like to ease this very serious problem by providing as many schools as possible with international volunteers who can act as teachers and teachers assistants in the schools with which we are working.

This is a really important position as the quality of teaching effects the success of the students, and will be the end point of a project which is working to get them into school. Some of the volunteer’s time may involve classes with the under-trained teachers thus guarantying a higher level of education for years after the volunteer has returned home.

English class Maths class
Mural project (art) Spring 2004 Art class
Dance lessons (when we have dance teachers) Theatre class (when we have drama teachers)
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