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  Volunteer life at Bruce Peru
This month we made all the preparations to open our new center in Cajamarca, Peru. We have the property, a team of key volunteers, and in March will open our doors to the street children of this mountain community. After waiting for almost two years for promised properties to be turned over to us, we finally bight the bullet and rented our own property, right in the center of Cajamarca. It has enough space for a street kids dining area, an industrial kitchen, play rooms and class rooms enough for our educational programs for street kids and more; as well as ample sleeping facilities for ten resident volunteers Georg, carpenter, teacher and key volunteer, will soon be altering the interior to our needs, and Jean-Francois and Joannie, will arrive to oversee the opening of our program for street children in lovely mountain city of Cajamarca, Peru.

The angels of February

James and his friends back in Europe came through for the kids twice this month, once with a load of clothes, toys, games, gifts and school materials, and the second a large quantity of medicines of the types most needed by our street children. Emma, arrived from England with many pairs of children's shoes, then came Bob from the USA with even more children's shoes (even with all of this generosity, we never get enough shoes to satisfy the need). Amanda arrived from Spain with a fashionable and useful collection of children's clothes. Martina, who wanted to paint a large mural on the back wall of our little campus, not only designed it, recruited and trained the children to do the fainting, but even raised all the money to pay for both the mural and a garden to go in front of it - come see how she accomplished this: And her online appeal was so successful, there is enough left over to invite all the children for a day at a local swimming pool.

This month we had the pleasure of receiving the same number of new volunteers as we received last month (our largest so far):

Jenny (UK)   Julia (UK)   Budd (Can)   Gareth (UK)
Dr Blanca (US)   Jean-Francois (Can)   Joannie (Canada)   Sigi (Ger)
Kris (US)   Martina (US)   Amanda (Can)   Karla (Can)
Pat (Ire)   Tune (Norway)   Erla (Iceland)   Carla (Peru)
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