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Here Manon, a 20 year old university student from Amsterdam, teaches a class in Spanish to street children. Manon did not speak Spanish when she arrived in May 2003, but within a few weeks she was able to communicate enough to teach them. After three months Manon could communicate almost normally in a Spanish speaking environment.

The fast track to learning Spanish is helping kids who speak it.
In South America:

Taught by an experienced bilingual Peruvian teacher, SPANISH as a second language in a country where everyone is speaking it all around you makes it easy for one to pick it up quickly. The classes are structered with standard course material and lots of emphasis on conversation.
The street children we are helping - with whom our volunteers spend some time each day between Monday and Friday - will all want to communicate with you, providing many opportunities to practice and perfect one's Spanish. And there are many other regular opportunities to practice as well.
All Spanish Clases for our Volunteers* are FREE.

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