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Room, Board and privileges | Cost of Volunteering
We offer our international volunteers lodging on our campus*, three meals five days a week (Week ends, holidays and days when we are not feeding children not included), basic medical care (subject to availability of our volunteer doctors; cost of medicine, clinics, specialists and hospital care not included - though we do have some free medicines), and free or discount admission to some of the cultural events in Trujillo (Note: volunteers who bring sleeping bags don't regret it.).

*All International volunteers must live on campus or in approved accommodation.

  Pictures of volunteer housing:  

Cost of Volunteering
There is no cost to register as a volunteer with Bruce Peru. All volunteers pay a contribution to our work in the amount of $360 per month. This is a donation used to develop and open new projects and has no relationship to room and board, which are free. This amount must be paid in advance. Bruce Peru is self sustaining, we are all volunteers and do not rely on government or instutional support. Note: We approve a little more than half of the serious applications we receive. However, we have evaluated and approved a considerable number of applications for volunteers who fail to turn up. For this reason we now require that if your arrival date is more than one month after the time your application is approved you must reconfirm by email your continued intention to come once each month in order for your place to remain reserved; and at least two weeks before you arrive you must email us confirming your arrival date and travel arrangements, and your contribution must have been received (the maximum prepayment required for long-term volunteers is the first three months contribution). There are no refunds.


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